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  "It has been two hundred years," I told him, "since a Pan- American visited England."

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  "England?" he asked. "What is England?" huge dildos

  "Why this is a part of England!" I exclaimed. adam snd eve

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  "This is Grubitten," he assured me. "I know nothing about England, and I have lived here all my life."

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  It was not until long after that the derivation of Grubitten occurred to me. Unquestionably it is a corruption of Great Britain, a name formerly given to the large island comprising England, Scotland and Wales. Subsequently we heard it pronounced Grabrittin and Grubritten.

  I then asked the fellow if he could direct us to Ryde or Newport; but again he shook his head, and said that he never had heard of such countries. And when I asked him if there were any cities in this country he did not know what I meant, never having heard the word cities.

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