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  "You surprise me, brother! I don't understand you."

  "Wait awhile! I want to make my feelings very clear to you, but I don't know where to begin, or how to express myself." to strap on

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  "It is, indeed, an extraordinary subject for us to have to talk about; but, if once I get clear of this girl, I'll wash my hands of all such cases again."

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  Her brother was not attending to her; he was reducing his own ideas to form. 12 inch strap ons

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  "Faith, do you know I rejoice in this child's advent?"

  "May God forgive you, Thurstan!--if you know what you are saying. But, surely, it is a temptation, dear Thurstan."

  "I do not think it is a delusion. The sin appears to me to be quite distinct from its consequences."

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