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  Mr. Benson was silent.

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  "It's beautifully fine," said Miss Benson, still examining the piece. jackrabbit toy

  "You think that it is a right which must be earned?" fake vagina for men

  "Yes," said she, after a minute's pause. "Don't you?" fake vagina for men

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  "I understand what you mean. It is a delight to have gifts made to you by those whom you esteem and love, because then such gifts are merely to be considered as fringes to the garment--as inconsiderable additions to the mighty treasure of their affection, adding a grace, but no additional value, to what before was precious, and proceeding as naturally out of that as leaves burgeon out upon the trees; but you feel it to be different when there is no regard for the giver to idealise the gift--when it simply takes its stand among your property as so much money's value. Is this it, Ruth?"

  "I think it is. I never reasoned why I felt as I did; I only knew that Mr. Bradshaw's giving me a present hurt me, instead of making me glad."

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