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  "How I should like to see a play!" exclaimed she.

  "Should you?" said her brother listlessly. pocket pussy toy

  "Yes, to be sure! Just hear this!" and she began to read a fine passage of criticism. adult toys and novelties

  "Those newspaper people can make an article out of anything," said he, yawning. "I've seen the man myself, and it was all very well, but nothing to make such a fuss about." anal explorer coupons

  "You! you seen----! Have you seen a play, Richard? Oh, why did you never tell me before? Tell me all about it! Why did you never name seeing ---- in your letters?" pocket pussy toy

  He half smiled, contemptuously enough. "Oh! at first it strikes one rather, but after a while one cares no more for the theatre than one does for mince-pies."

  "Oh, I wish I might go to London!" said Jemima impatiently. "I've a great mind to ask papa to let me go to the George Smiths', and then I could see ----. I would not think him like mince-pies."

  "You must not do any such thing!" said Richard, now neither yawning nor contemptuous. "My father would never allow you to go to the theatre; and the George Smiths are such old fogeys--they would be sure to tell."

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