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  "No; not Mrs. Hilton!" said Ruth hastily.

  Miss Benson, who had hitherto kept her eyes averted from Ruth's face from a motive of kindly delicacy, now looked at her with surprise.

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  "Why not?" asked she.

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  "It was my mother's name," said Ruth, in a low voice. "I had better not be called by it." clit licker toy

  "Then let us call you by my mother's name," said Miss Benson tenderly. "She would have---- But I'll talk to you about my mother some other time. Let me call you Mrs. Denbigh. It will do very well, too. People will think you are a distant relation."

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  When she told Mr. Benson of this choice of name, he was rather sorry; it was like his sister's impulsive kindness--impulsive in everything--and he could imagine how Ruth's humility had touched her. He was sorry, but hesaid nothing. prostate wand

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