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  "There are people to whom I love to feel that I owe gratitude--gratitude which I cannot express, and had better not talk about--but I cannot see why a person whom I do not know should lay me under an obligation. Oh! don't say I must take this muslin, please, Miss Benson!" adameve toys

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  What Miss Benson might have said if her brother had not just then entered the room, neither he nor any other person could tell; but she felt his presence was most opportune, and called him in as umpire. He had come hastily, for he had much to do; but he no sooner heard the case than he sat down, and tried to draw some more explicit declaration of her feeling from Ruth, who had remained silent during Miss Benson's explanation.

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  "You would rather send this present back?" said he. male anal toy

  "Yes," she answered softly. "Is it wrong?"

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