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  Presently my attention was attracted by the shadow of something moving in the trench without, and a moment later the figure of a child appeared, creeping upon all fours, as, wide-eyed, and prompted by childish curiosity, a little girl crawled to the entrance of my hut and peered cautiously and fearfully in. sex toys vibrator

  I did not speak at first for fear of frightening the little one away. But when I was satisfied that her eyes had become sufficiently accustomed to the subdued light of the interior, I smiled.

  Instantly the expression of fear faded from her eyes to be replaced with an answering smile.

  "Who are you, little girl?" I asked.

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  "My name is Mary," she replied. "I am Victory's sister."

  "And who is Victory?" adult sex toys for men

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  "You do not know who Victory is?" she asked, in astonishment. penis strap

  I shook my head in negation.

  "You saved her from the elephant country people, and yet you say you do not know her!" she exclaimed.

  "Oh, so she is Victory, and you are her sister! I have not heard her name before. That is why I did not know whom you meant," I explained. Here was just the messenger for me. Fate was becoming more kind.

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