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  "You're too good, my darling!" said Jemima fondly. male butt plug

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  "Don't say so," replied Ruth earnestly, almost as if she were afraid. "God knows I am not." wet wabbit

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  "Well! we're none of us too good," answered Jemima; "I know that. But you are very good. Nay, I won't call you so, if it makes you look so miserable. But come away downstairs."

  With the fragrance of Ruth's sweetness lingering about her, Jemima was her best self during the next half-hour. Mr. Bradshaw was more and more pleased, and raised the price of the silk, which he was going to give Ruth, sixpence a yard during the time. Mr. Farquhar went home through the garden-way, happier than he had been this long time. He even caught himself humming the old refrain:

  "On revient, on revient toujours,

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