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  "Leonard shall never be afraid of me," said Ruth, following her own train of thought. "I will be his friend from the very first; and I will try and learn how to be a wise friend, and you will teach me; won't you, sir?"

  "What made you wish to call him Leonard, Ruth?" asked Miss Benson. blow up doll sex

  "It was my mother's father's name; and she used to tell me about him and his goodness, and I thought if Leonard could be like him----"

  "Do you remember the discussion there was about Miss Bradshaw's name, Thurstan? Her father wanting her to be called Hephzibah, but insisting that she was to have a Scripture name at any rate; and Mrs. Bradshaw wanting her to be Juliana, after some novel she had read not long before; and at last Jemima was fixed upon, because it would do either for a Scripture name or a name for a heroine out of a book."

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  "I did not know Jemima was a Scripture name," said Ruth. thrusting dildo

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