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  "Look!" said Ruth, who had sat down upon the ground, the better to prop the poor lad, "his hand twitches! he lives; oh, sir, he lives! Whose boy is he?" (to the people, who came hurrying and gathering to the spot at the rumourof an accident). sex dildo

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  "He's old Nelly Brownson's," said they. "Her grandson." remote control butt plug

  "We must take him into a house directly," said she. "Is his home far off?"

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  "No, no; it's just close by."

  "One of you go for a doctor at once," said Mr. Bellingham authoritatively, "and bring him to the old woman's without delay. You must not hold him any longer," he continued, speaking to Ruth, and remembering her face now for the first time; "your dress is dripping wet already. Here! you fellow, take him up, d'ye see!" prostate massage toys

  But the child's hand had nervously clenched Ruth's dress, and she would not have him disturbed. She carried her heavy burden very tenderly towards a mean little cottage indicated by the neighhours; an old crippled woman was coming out of the door, shaking all over with agitation.

  "Dear heart!" said she, "he's the last of 'em all, and he's gone afore me."

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